Match schedule between the two major rivals Tottenham and Arsenal.

Match schedule between the two major rivals Tottenham and Arsenal. The teams have met a lot in the Premier League, but they have never played against each other in the Champions League.
The Spurs have a good chance to win the EPL, but Arsenal has a good opportunity to win too.

The teams have a lot of matches ahead, so you can follow the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics.
Champions League: Tottenham and Liverpool are in the lead
In the Champions league, Tottenham andLiverpool have a very good chance of winning the title. The two teams have already played a lot, and they have already won the first two matches.
In general, the teams are very balanced, and it is very difficult to predict the outcome of the match.
However, the Spurs have an advantage over Liverpool, which is the main reason for this.
They have a better lineup, and the Spurs are able to use this advantage in the long run.
Main players of the Spurs who can help them in the fight for the title are:
1. Kane. Kane is a good finisher, and he is able to score goals even from distance. He is also a good passer of the ball, which allows him to create chances for himself.
2. Son. Son is a great scorer, and this year he is very active on the field. He can make a great pass and score a goal.
3. Son Heung-min. Son has a great game, and his main goal is to score a lot.
4. Eriksen. Eriksen is a very strong player, who can make the passes of his partners.
5. Lallana. Lalli is a fantastic footballer, who has already scored a lot for the team.
6. Sane. Sainz is a solid player, and has already managed to score many goals.
7. Vela. Velsa is a striker who can score goals in any match. He has already won a silver medal at the European Championship.
8. Son Chicharito. Chicha is the leader of the team, and is able not only to score but also to distribute the ball.
9. Ndombe. Ndomb is a specialist in the air, and can make passes in the opponent’s half.
10. Diogo Jota. Jota is a player who can give the ball to Son.
11. Yarmolenko. Yaro is a midfielder who can be called a specialist on the penalty area.
12. Griezmann. Geezy is a goalkeeper who can save the game of the opponents.
13. Iwobi. Iwob is a defender who can play in the middle of the field and make a good pass.
14. Eto’o. Etobu is a winger who can distribute the passes.
15. Van Dijk. Van der Dijk is a central defender who is able of scoring goals. He also has a very effective game.
16. Modric. Modri is a forward who can create chances on the goal. He was the best player of the Champions, and now he is a top player in the Eredivisie.
17. Lloris. Loria is a defensive player who is very strong.
18. Pogba. Pogbas is a scorer who is also able to distribute.
19. Sissoko. Sis is a wing-back who can provide the ball for the other team. He scored a goal in the match against Sevilla.
20. Dembele. Dembé is a footballer who is a leader in the attack. He scores many goals, and also has good skills in the penalty areas.
21. Lavezzi. Lavi is a shot-stopper who can stop the ball from the opponent.
22. Alonso. Alonso is a right-back, who is strong and can defend the goal from the opponents’ side.
23. Gedun. Geddi is a left-back. He makes good passes and can help the team in the counterattack.
24. Sarr. Sare is a midfield player who has good experience in the team and can be used in the attacking line.
25. Silva. Silva is a penalty-taker who can decide the fate of the game. He made a lot from the penalty spot.
26. Silva Costa. Silva has already made a good impression on the fans, and many clubs are interested in him.
27. Silva Martins. Silva also has experience in a team, but he is not the main player of this team.
28. Silva Silva. Silva is another player who was not the leader in a club, but is able now to play in a different position.
29. Silva Ramos. Silva was the main striker of the Portuguese team, which has now changed its name to Porto.
30. Silva Gomes. Gomes is a center-back and a goalkeeper. He played in the national team, where he was called “the Lion”.
31. Sessegnon. Segni is an attacking midfielder who is capable of scoring a goal and creating a good scoring chance.
32. Sá.

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