The Favourites of the Champions League.

The Champions League is one of the most prestigious competitions of the Old World. The tournament is held every year, and this year it promises to be especially interesting. The main intrigue of the tournament is the struggle for the title of the strongest club.

The previous season, Real Madrid was the main favorite of the competition. The team managed to finish in the top-3 of the standings, and it was the second time in a row that it managed to achieve this.
However, the team did not play its best football, and the following factors contributed to the failure of the team:
1. Lack of motivation. The players of the Royal Club were not able to demonstrate their maximum. This led to the fact that the team was not able not only to finish at the top of the league table, but also to win the Champions Cup.
2. Poor organization of the game. The Royal Club did not have a good structure of the defense, which led to a lot of goals being scored by the opponents.
3. Unstable team. The Real Madrid players were not always able to find the right combination of their partners. This resulted in the fact, that the club was often left behind by its rivals.
4. Lackadaisical playing style. The club was not always in the best shape, which resulted in it losing points in the matches against weaker teams.
5. Unsuccessful transfers. The most obvious ones were:
· Ronaldo;
· Rodrigo;
· Alonso.
6. Injuries. Many of the players of Real Madrid were injured during the season.
Despite the fact the team managed not to finish the Champions league at the first place, it was still able to win several trophies. This is another proof that the Royal club is one the best teams in the Old Continent.
Now, the main intrigue in the Champions tournament is to find a partner for Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is one among the most expensive players in the world. In the previous season he managed to score several goals, but he was not in the strongest form.
It is possible that the player will not be able to repeat his previous successes, which is why the main goal of the club is to sign a new star.
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In the current season, the Champions club tournament is a real battle for the main title. The struggle for this title is not going to end soon, as the club has a good chance of winning it.
In order to achieve the desired result, the club needs to do the following:
* Continue to improve the performance of its players;
* Keep a good selection of players in each of the lines;
* Find a new and effective attacking strategy.
Of course, it is not enough to win only one match, but the team needs to demonstrate its best game in each match.
This is why it is important to follow the latest news from the world of football, because the club will need to show its maximum in order to win gold medals.
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The current season of the English Premier League is proving to be quite interesting. It has already become clear that the main fight for the champion title is going to be between Manchester City and Chelsea.
Both teams are capable of winning the title, but they have a number of problems that can affect the final result.
1- The main rival of the Citizens is the Blues. The City is not able yet to demonstrate the maximum of its team. This can be seen in the current results of Manchester City, where the team is not in a good shape.
For example, the City is losing points at the right time, and not in time for the opponent to make a comeback.
Also, the Citizens have problems with the defense. The Blues have a lot to improve, but this is not the main problem of the City.
Manchester City is also not the only team that is not performing well in the tournament. Chelsea is not doing well, too. The Citizens are not able at the moment to demonstrate a good game, but it is clear that they will be able at some point to do it. The Chelsea players are not in their best shape. This has been clearly seen in their performance in the Premier League. The fans of the Blues are waiting for the team to show the maximum and to achieve results.
At the moment, the Chelsea players have a chance to win. The fact that they are playing in the second half of the Premier league table is another evidence that the Citizens are the main favorites of the fight for gold medals in the championship.
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The new season of English Premier league is starting, and now the main contenders for the victory in the title are Manchester City. The previous season the Citizens were the main contender for the championship, but now the team has a number advantage over its competitors.

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