Paulo Dybala’s new contract with Juventus

Paulo Dybala’s new contract with Juventus will keep the player at the club until 2020, the club announced on their website. The Portuguese has already signed a new deal that will last until the end of the 2022 World Cup.
The new contract is worth €100 million. Dybalya was a free agent, so the club signed him for €20 million. The signing of the player is a good decision by the club, because he is an excellent defender, who can also play in the attack.

The club will pay him the following amounts:
* €4 million in bonuses;
* another €4.5 million in the first year of the contract;

* a further €4,5 million for each year of his contract.
Dybala will have to pay the club a fee for the transfer, but the club will give him a guarantee that he will get the money back. The club will also pay the player a bonus if he scores a lot of goals for the club.
You can always follow the latest news on the club’s website. Juventus is one of the most successful clubs in the history of the Italian championship. The team has won the Scudetto three times, and it is the most prestigious club trophy in the country.
In the next season, the team will play in Serie A, which will allow it to compete with the top teams from all over the world. Juventus will be able to show its best football, because it will be joined by many stars.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main goal of the club is to win the Scudo. The first goal of Dybalea will be a success, because the team needs to be strengthened. The main players of the team are:
1. Paulo Dybblea. The defender has already shown his skills in the national championship, where he has played for the team for the first time. He is a versatile player, who is able to play in both defense and attack. Dybla has a good game, and he is able not only to defend, but also to attack. He has already scored a lot, and the club expects him to score many more.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo. The forward has already managed to score a lot in the English Premier League, and now he wants to win a Scudo, too. The player has already won the Champions League, which is a great achievement for him. He wants to show his skills at the highest level.
3. Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean forward is a newcomer to the team, but he has already proved that he is a worthy addition to the lineup. The Sanchez has already become a good substitute for the main striker, and this is a very good thing.
All the players of Juventus have a good chance of winning the Scudi, because they have a great lineup and good teamwork.
Live Results of the English Football Matches
The English Premier league is one the most popular football tournaments in the world, and many people are interested in watching the matches of the teams from the top division. The fans can follow the results of the matches in real time, and they can see the statistics of each team.
At the same time, the fans can watch the live football matches, which are held in various stadiums, and these are the most famous ones:
· Wembley;
· Manchester United;
· Liverpool;
·· Arsenal.
These matches are held almost every day, and fans can always find out the latest information about them on the website of sports statistics.
It is easy to follow the live results of football matches. The website provides the latest data, and you can always learn the latest results of matches.
Latest Results of Premier League Matches in Real Livescore
The Premier league has become one of Europe’s most popular tournaments. The top division of English football has a long history, and there have been many winners.
There are many teams that have won the title of champion of England. The most famous of them is Manchester United. The Red Devils have won it a number of times, but they are the only team that has won it for more than 20 years.
This year, the Red Devils are the main favorites of the tournament. They have a number leaders in their lineup, and a number players who are able to help them win the title.
Manchester United is the team that is considered the main favorite of the Premier league. The players of this team are able not to lose points in matches against the main competitors of the championship.
Among the main rivals of the Red devils are: Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool. The latter have a long list of rivals, but their main goal is to get into the Champions league.
Chelsea is a team that many people consider to be the main rival of the Manchester United, but it has a number leader in its lineup.
Many people consider the Arsenal to be one of their main competitors, but this team has a great number of leaders. The Gunners are able, in many matches, to win points and not lose them.
Liverpool is another team that people consider as a main rival, but many people also consider it to be a team with a number player. The Reds have a very long list, and if they are not able to win, they will try to win.

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