Leicester City will be without the injured striker Jamie Vardy until next year

Leicester City will be without the injured striker Jamie Vardy until next year, as the club will be forced to sell him.
The Leicester player has been suffering from a serious injury for a long time, and it is still not known if he will be able to play in the future.
However, the club is ready to pay a high price for the player, as it is already worth more than the current price of Vardy.

The player is considered one of the main stars of English football, and he is already considered one the main candidates for the Golden Boot.
This is why the club has to sell the player in the next season, because he is not able to fulfill the requirements for the award.
If the player is not sold, then the club can buy another striker, but it will not be able take advantage of the fact that the club’s lineup is already quite good.
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Upcoming Matches
The team of Leicester will be playing against the team of Crystal Palace on the 8th of August. The game will take place at Selhurst Park, and the team will be very eager to win the match.
At the moment, the team is in a good shape, and this is why it is so important to win.
That is why fans can expect a tense match, because the team has a lot of problems.
Among the most important problems are:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Injuries of the leaders.
3. Lackadaisical playing style of the team.
4. Unstable lineup.
5. Difficult schedule.
6. Poor results.
All of these problems can be solved, but the club needs to win in order to get the necessary funds for the next year.
Therefore, the players of the Leicester City should be able not only to score many goals, but also to win matches.
They can do this by playing in the following matches:
* Leicester vs Crystal Palace;
* Leicester City vs Watford;
and so on.
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Live Results of Football Matches at 777score
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New Opportunities for Leicester City
The club has a number of problems, but this does not mean that it will be unable to compete with the teams that are stronger.
One of the most serious problems of the current season is the lack of motivation of the players. This is why they are unable to play at their best.
Another problem is the instability of the lineup. The club has already had a number problems with the transfer ban, and now it is even more difficult to find a new striker.
Thus, the situation is not the best, but Leicester City is still one of those teams that can compete with any other team in the English Premier League.
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Main Favorites of Leicester
The main goal of the fans of the Royal Blues is to see the team win the championship of England.
Of course, it is not possible to achieve this goal without the help of the top-rated stars of the league.
These include:
· Jamie Vardys;
The striker is considered the main star of the English league, and his absence will be a real problem for the team, because they need him to score goals.
Vardy is already a key player of Leicester, and if he is injured for a while, then it will affect the results significantly.
Leicester has already lost a lot in the transfer market, and they need to find another striker to replace the player.
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Latest Results of Matches of Football Competitions
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