How to Watch the FA Cup Quarter-Final Matches on TV

The FA Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. It’s a competition between the strongest teams in the country. The competition is held every year and it’ll be held again this year. This year, the competition will be held in the second round.
The teams that are in the FA cup quarter-finals are:
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Arsenal.
This competition is very interesting and you can watch it on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results of the matches, as well as the schedule of the upcoming matches.

The Cup is held in two parts. The first part is held between the winners of the League and FA Cup. The second part is the replay. This time, the teams that have lost in the first round will play against the winners.
You can watch the results and schedule of all the matches on the reliable website. It offers a wide selection of the games.
FA Cup Results
The first round of the FA cups was held in England. The teams that were in the top 4 at the end of the previous season were:
• Liverpool; and
• Manchester United.
Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City were in a play-off round. The FA Cup was won by Manchester City.
In the second part of the tournament, the FA was won again by Liverpool. Manchester United and Chelsea lost in their second round matches. The team that lost the most was Manchester City, who lost to Chelsea.
It was the second time that the team from the capital of England lost to its direct rivals. The previous time was in the League Cup.
Manchester United and Liverpool will play in the replay of the second match. The game will be played on the same field. The replay will be the third time that a team from Liverpool will lose to Manchester United in the Cup. This will be a new record.
However, the team of Jose Mourinho is in a good shape and it is able to win the replay, too.
FA Cup Results on the Sports Statistics Website
The website of the sports statistics offers the results from all the FA Cups. You can find the schedule and results of matches on it.
One of the best things about the FA is that it has two rounds. The matches are held between teams that won the League or FA Cup the previous year. The games are held on the fields of the stadiums.
If you want to follow the results, you need to visit the website. Here you will see the results in full. You will find all the information about the teams, as they are in different divisions.
There are many matches that are held in different parts of the country, too, and the website will help you find out the results.
Live Results of the Second Round of the Cup
The second round of FA Cup matches will be on the field of the Wembley. The match between Chelsea and Liverpool is scheduled to be held on August 19.
During the game, the score was 1:1. The score was not settled until the last minute.
Liverpool started the game in a great way. The players started the attack with a shot from the left flank. The ball was deflected by the goalkeeper and went into the net.
After that, the Chelsea players started to attack. The goalkeeper of the team, Petr Cech, was injured. The Chelsea players were able to get the ball in the net and score a goal.
At the end, the game ended with a score of 1:0.
Thanks to the live stream, you can follow the result of the game and see the live score.
Results of the Match
The match was held on a field that is used for the matches of the English Premier League. The field is located in the middle of the stadium.
Due to the injury of the goalkeeper, the match ended with the score of 0:0, which was the final score. The following players scored for Liverpool:
1. Coutinho;
2. Firmino;
3. Gerrard;
4. Moreno.
Josep Guardiola’sthe team of Liverpool is in the best shape of the season. The coach has managed to get a good result in the match with Chelsea. The club is in good shape, too; the players are in a better shape than their direct rivals, Manchester City and Manchester United, who have lost a lot of points.
Guardiola’sdiamonds are in good form and are able to play in any match. You need to watch the live result of this match to get an idea of how the team will play.
League Table of the Premier League
The table of the league table of England shows that the teams are in an excellent shape. The most important thing is that the clubs are in their best shape.
Here, you find the position of the teams in each of the divisions. The table of Premier League is available on the sports statistical website.
As for the teams’ position, Liverpool is at the top of the standings. The Reds have a good chance to get into the Champions League zone.
They have a high chance of doing this. The main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The Liverpool players are not in the right mood.

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