FC Barcelona vs Valencia CF – Copa del Rey : Head to head, lineups and prediction.

In the summer of 2019, the Catalans were in a crisis, and the team had to be strengthened. The first player to be signed was the young goalkeeper, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who became the mainstay of the team.
However, the team still lacks a number of players, and in the summer, it was the newcomers who were the main losers. Among them, we can highlight:
* Rodrigo, who was bought for a relatively low price;
* Sergio Busquets, who joined for a price of 100 million euros;
* Jordi Alba, who cost the club only 30 million euros.
The first player was bought because he was the best choice for the team, but he is not the only one who can be called a failure.

The team is still in the middle of the championship, so it is not yet clear who will finish in the first position. However, the club is very confident and can confidently count on a place in the Champions League zone.
It is very important to follow the game of the Catalonians, because they have a good chance to win the championship. Barcelona has a number advantages over Valencia, such as:
1. Long bench. The team has a long bench, which allows it to rotate players in the lineup.
2. Good results. The Catalans are in a good shape, and they have already managed to win several matches.
3. Individual skills of the players.
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Livescore today of Barcelona vs. Valencia CF
The game between the Catalons and the Valencians is scheduled for the weekend of September 19. The game will be held at the Camp Nou, and it will be broadcasted on the Spanish national TV channel, Tele 5.
This season, Barcelona has already managed not only to win but also to finish in first position in La Liga. The club has a good lineup, which can be considered as the best in the world.
Among the Catalonian players, we should highlight:
* Messi;
2* Busquet;
3* Messi, Busquete, Suarez;
4* Suarez.
Of course, there are many other players who can also be called the main stars of the club. However the team has the following advantages:
• Long bench;
• Good results;
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You can find the results and the schedule of the games on the home page of the site. Here, you will also find the statistics of the matches of Barcelona and the results from other teams.
How to watch livescore of Barcelona?
The Catalonias have a long tournament distance ahead of them, so they need to be at their best in every match. This is why the team is very happy to have such a long and successful bench.
Many people are not aware that the team can rotate its lineup, because the coach can choose the best players for the game at any moment. This allows the coach to choose the right tactics for the current situation.
As for the Catalan players, they are still not at their peak, but they are not far from it. They have already won several trophies, and this is a good sign for the future.
At the moment, the most important thing for the club, which is in the top 4 of La Liga, is to finish the season in the championship zone. This will allow it to enter the Champions league.
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Main results of Barcelona’s game
The season of the Spanish championship has already ended, and now it is time to look at the main results of this tournament.
Barcelona is one of the main favorites of the tournament, and its main goal is to enter in the European Cup. This season, the Catalan club managed to achieve this, and many people consider it as the greatest triumph of the Catalan team. The main reason for this is the following:
· Long bench
· Good results
· Individual skills
· Tactical flexibility
· Teamwork
· Motivation
· Confidence
· Competitors’ problems
· Successful teamwork
· Personal skills of leaders
· Skills of the leaders
The main advantage of the Barcelona team is the long bench. This gives the coach the opportunity to choose his strongest players for each match.
Thanks to this, the coach is able to rotate his lineup, and he is also able to use the most suitable tactics for each game.
On the website, you can find out the results, as well as the schedule and the livescores of the match. The information is regularly updated, so you can always follow the development and the outcome of the events in the field.
Football results of La liga table
The Spanish championship is the most prestigious tournament of the European football. This year, the struggle for the champion title has already reached its peak, and all the teams are ready to fight for it.
There are a lot of factors that can affect the final result of the fight for the title.

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