Chelsea vs Manchester United – FA Cup final : Live stream, preview, team news and prediction.

The season of the English Premier League has come to an end, and the fight for the champion title is now more important than ever. This is the reason why the clubs have made a number of changes in the summer. The main transfer of the Red Devils was the acquisition of the young Belgian winger Anthony Martial. The player is a good addition to the team, who are now able to attack with a new player.

The FA Cup is one of the most popular tournaments in the world. It is a competition of the best teams from all over the world, who fight for a place in the top-4. The final of the tournament will be held on May 19th, and it will be broadcast live on the sports channel.
Live stream of the final
The final of FA Cup will be very interesting, because the clubs will be fighting for the title of the strongest in the country. Manchester United has a long tournament distance ahead, so they will try to win the title as many times as possible. The Red Devils have a good chance of winning, because they have a strong lineup, which can play in the best way.
However, the main favorite of the season is Liverpool, which has already won the trophy three times. The Reds have a great lineup, and they can easily win the cup. The team has already managed to win it in the previous season, when they won it for the first time.
You can follow the live stream of this match on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find only reliable information about the final, which will help you to understand the game of the teams better.
Team news and predictions for the final of English championship
The team of Jose Mourinho has changed a lot. The Portuguese coach has replaced the players who won the Champions League with the ones who did not do well in the Premier League. The lineup of the team is now much more balanced, which allows it to fight against the main favorites of the championship.
Manchester United has already reached the final stage of the Premier league, and this is the main reason why they are so confident. The club has a good lineup, so it can easily beat the main competitors. The players of the club are ready to do their best, which is why the Red devils are confident enough to fight for gold medals.
It is important for the team to win, because it is the first trophy in the club’s history. The last time the team won the cup was in the season of 2011-2012, when the team was led by Jose Mourinho.
Will the team of Mourinho be able to repeat its success?
The Portuguese coach is famous for his tactical decisions, so he can hardly influence the results of the matches. However, the results are already starting to show that the team can win the trophy. The following factors can help the team win the gold medals:
1. Good lineup. The squad of the Portuguese coach consists of the leaders of the game, who can easily find a way to the goal.
2. Good teamwork. The leaders of Mourinho’s team have already won several cups together, which gives them a good feeling of teamwork.
3. Good results of competitors. Liverpool is one the best clubs in the league, but it is not the only one. The Manchester United is also a contender for the victory, but the Red team has a better lineup.
All this will help the club to win gold medals, because this is their first trophy.
Main favorites of final
Liverpool is the best team in the championship, and Manchester United will be a strong competitor. The latter has a strong squad, which already won gold medals in the last season. The season has already ended, and now the main question is whether the team will be able win the championship again.
If the team does not win the champion’s title, it will not be able compete for the European cups, because other teams will be stronger.
FA Cup Final
The Red team is the favorite of this season, because of the following reasons:
* Good lineup
* Great teamwork
* Excellent results of its competitors
The main favorite is Liverpool. The Liverpool has already been winning the cup for a long time, and its results in the tournament are really good. The teams of the Old Signora have a lot of advantages, which are not available to the rivals.
As for the rivals, the Manchester United and Chelsea are not the strongest teams in the English championship. The United have a very good lineup and a good goalkeeper. However the team has not been able to win any trophy, which means that the club is not ready to compete for gold.
So far, the Red have a clear advantage over their rivals, but they still have a long way to go. The first matches of the new season of English Premier league have already shown that the Red can win gold. The rivals will have to be ready for the fight, because Manchester United have already lost a lot, and Chelsea is not a good team.
Liverpool has already become the champion of the league for the third time in a row. The Anfield is famous not only for football, but also for its famous football fans. The fans are very passionate about the team and its achievements.
Follow the live score of the match
The Liverpool is the champion for the second time in the current season.

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